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Shorin-ryu karate is of Okinawan origin. It is a centuries-old merger of Chinese gung fu and the ancient Okinawan punching art of Te (meaning “fist”) which was practiced in the village of Shuri, Okinawa.

Central to Shorin-Ryu training are the katas. These exercises were developed to simulate all aspects of weaponless combat. The kata are a series of offensive and defensive maneuvers incorporating traditional fighting techniques using fists, open hands, elbows, feet and knees. Kata practice teaches the student to flow from one technique to the next with correct posture, balance, timing and breathing while executing the techniques using great speed, power and focus. With incessant practice of kata, the movements and techniques will become reflexive and instinctive and as such extremely effective.

A number of appropriate conditioning exercises and static technique training are an integral component of karate practice and include: calisthenics, stationary technique and floor exercises, line and circle training (controlled contact), heavy bag training and combination drills. This style of karate is physically and mentally rigorous and is considered one of the more disciplined in the martial arts. As such the training provides for excellent cardiovascular fitness and the development of effective self-defense skills, coordination, mental and physical discipline.

Individuals learn karate by active participation rather than by lengthy explanations. One becomes proficient only through rigorous training and constant practice. Ultimately, the practitioner must reach the point where individual techniques are executed with no contemplation. If one hesitates, the opportunity of that moment will be lost, creating opportunity for the opponent. There must be total concentration, awareness and commitment of the technique at the instant of execution. With rigorous karate training one develops peace of mind and a better understanding of oneself.

Students are tested individually before a board of senior black belts. The student will earn rank on the basis of their skill in performing the kata. Rank is registered nationally with the American Shorin-Ryu Federation and ranges from white belt (10-5th kyu), green belt (4th-3rd kyu), brown belt (2nd-1st kyu) and black belt (1st-6th dan).

Instructor: David Kacena – Rokudan, 6th Degree Black Belt